Latex templates
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Build Status

Containing templates

Currently containing templates, seperated by git branches:

  • master - Specialised for seminar papers, task sheets for tutorials or old exams
  • thesis - Specialised for Bachelor's or Master's theses


Download the repository using git:

git clone

Decide on a template - currently supported templates. For example master template.

git checkout master

Now you can edit the template using an editor. Editors such as Texstudio or Visual Studio Code with Plugin are available.

Compiling the PDF document

There are two ways to compile the PDF document. Since the templates contain all dependencies to the package minted, it is probably easier to use a container image to compile the document.

To do this, install docker or podman as container runtime and Make as build tool. If you have docker or podman and Make installed execute make container-run/latexmk/index.pdf to compile the PDF document by using a container image.

If you don't want to install a container runtime and the build tool make, you have to install texlive manually - installation instructions.

make commands


Deletes all files that were not checked in using git.

make clean


Uses a docker container to compile the PDF document with latexmk By default the docker container volkerraschek/container-latex:latest-ubuntu18.04 is used. However, it can also be modified. The Makefile contains the variables with the prefix BUILD_IMAGE to change the full qualified image path for this purpose. However, you may have to change the docker command call in container-run if necessary.

make container-run/latexmk/index.pdf


Similar to container-run/latexmk/index.pdf, but in the container pdflatex will be execute instead of latexmk.

make container-run/pdflatex/index.pdf


Executes latexmk natively in the system environment.

make latexmk/index.pdf


Executes pdflatex natively in the system environment.

make pdflatex