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Tutorium Grundlagen Datenbanken WS1819

Build Status

This document contains all tasks for the tutorial basics databases winter semester 2018/2019 of the University of Applied Sciences Trier.

Discussions and questions can be posted via the Telegram group tgdb_ws1819. Announcements of changes to the document are also published there.


The outcoming document is a pdf file. The pdf file can be compiled with latex. Latex is available for multiple operation systems. Instead to download and install all required libraries to compile the document, it is easier to use the provided container image which is also used to compile the pdf document inside the CI/CD pipeline. Therefore can be used two different commands to compile the pdf document.

Compile the pdf document inside a container image. A container runtime such as docker must be available.

The container runtime can be changed inside the Makefile

make container-run/index.pdf

Alternatively can also the local installed latex binaries used when all dependencies are fulfilled.

make index.pdf


The database scheme can be imported via the Makefile. The required database connection string will be concatenated from the environment variables DB_USER, DB_PASSWD and DB_HOST.

The command make db/import-model imports the complete scheme into the database. The solutions, defined in the separate files will be executed by make execute-solutions. The third command is make db delete-scheme to delete the complete scheme.

Sometimes you don't want to run all solutions, but only those from a directory. The FOLDER environment variable can be used to execute the directory with the solutions it contains, for example make execute-solutions FOLDER=uebung_05.