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https://img.shields.io/aur/version/gitea-runner https://img.shields.io/aur/license/gitea-runner https://img.shields.io/aur/maintainer/gitea-runner https://img.shields.io/aur/last-modified/gitea-runner Build Status

This repository contains the source code to build the Arch Linux package gitea-runner.

The package can be created and installed locally via makepkg. Alternatively, it can be installed from the AUR using an AUR helper such as yay.


Clone the repository from one of the mirrors and move into the cloned git repository. Execute makepkg --install to build the and install the package.

git clone <URL>
cd gitea-runner
makepkg --install


Make sure that yay is installed. Run yay to build and install the gitea-runner package.

yay --sync --aur gitea-runner