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fix: upgrade btrbk
2 months ago
btrbk@e2825b0d41 fix: upgrade btrbk 2 months ago
container-logs@3c30f20b5a fix(container-logs): update version 2 years ago
cs-dev-sshkeys fix: bump to version 0.2.1-2 2 years ago
deltarpm@4f7cc62180 fix(deltarpm): moved 3 years ago
docker-pushrm@568f2b7b8b fix(docker-pushrm): upgrade to version 1.9.0-2 11 months ago
fh-trier-tnsnamesora fix(fh-trier-tnsnamesora): moved 3 years ago
flucky@7b8b32f3f2 fix(flucky): upgrade repo 2 years ago
git-prompt fix: remove tar archive and use instead local files 3 years ago
gitea-runner@c4ea12aad9 fix(gitea-runner): init 2 months ago
kubernetes fix(kubernetes): path to compiled bin based an arch 1 year ago
masterpdfeditor-free fix(masterpdfeditor): gitignore 3 years ago
mint-backgrounds@2fe2819a2e fix(mint-backgrounds): upgrade 5 months ago
mint-backgrounds-helena@93b6b08113 fix(mint-backgrounds-helena): moved 3 years ago
mint-backgrounds-isadora@8ed065badc fix(mint-backgrounds-isadora): moved 3 years ago
mint-backgrounds-julia@6e18aa5165 fix(mint-backgrounds-julia): moved 3 years ago
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mint-backgrounds-lisa@a0abb942b8 fix(mint-backgrounds-lisa): moved 3 years ago
mint-backgrounds-maya@cc967abf7e fix(mint-backgrounds-maya): moved 3 years ago
mint-backgrounds-nadia@447c5a604e fix(mint-backgrounds-nadia): moved 3 years ago
mint-backgrounds-olivia@6d0f77d8fe fix(mint-backgrounds-olivia): moved 3 years ago
mint-backgrounds-petra@51c4ea78c8 fix(mint-backgrounds-petra): moved 3 years ago
mint-backgrounds-qiana@9817dc4e42 fix(mint-backgrounds-qiana): moved 3 years ago
mint-backgrounds-rafaela@8f02f438d9 fix(mint-backgrounds-rafaela): moved 3 years ago
mint-backgrounds-rebecca@0d58555118 fix(mint-backgrounds-rebecca): moved 3 years ago
mint-backgrounds-rosa fix(mint-backgrounds-rosa): moved 3 years ago
mint-backgrounds-sarah fix(mint-backgrounds-sarah): moved 3 years ago
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mint-backgrounds-sylvia fix(mint-backgrounds-sylvia): moved 3 years ago
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mint-backgrounds-tessa fix(mint-backgrounds-tessa): moved 3 years ago
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mint-backgrounds-tricia fix(mint-backgrounds-tricia): moved 3 years ago
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mint-backgrounds-vanessa fix(mint-backgrounds-vanessa): init 10 months ago
mint-backgrounds-vera fix(mint-backgrounds-vera): init 6 months ago
oracle-instantclient-basic@12e508ffc1 fix: add oracle packages 4 months ago
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oracle-instantclient-odbc@417e1dd06d fix: add oracle packages 4 months ago
oracle-instantclient-sdk@bbbc8a6355 fix: add oracle packages 4 months ago
oracle-instantclient-sqlplus@54eb1bb04d fix: add oracle packages 4 months ago
oracle-instantclient-tools@49965ef4c0 fix: add oracle packages 4 months ago
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prometheus-bind-exporter@6eef09aa01 fix(prometheus-bind-exporter): init 4 months ago
rpm-builder@847f021ca6 fix(rpm-builder): upgrade to version 0.8.1 1 year ago
rpm-org@614c5ab8a1 fix(rpm-org): moved 3 years ago
ubuntu-backgrounds-bionic@743e75255e fix(ubuntu-backgrounds-bionic): moved 3 years ago
ubuntu-backgrounds-focal@80a09135be fix(ubuntu-backgrounds-focal): moved 3 years ago
ubuntu-backgrounds-groovy@9bd2867d40 fix(ubuntu-backgrounds-groovy): upgrade to version 20.10.3 2 years ago
ubuntu-backgrounds-jammy@bda8f47a0c fix(ubuntu-backgrounds-jammy): add ubuntu-backgrounds-jammy 1 year ago
ubuntu-backgrounds-trusty@2dfc98513c fix(ubuntu-backgrounds-trusty): moved 3 years ago
ubuntu-backgrounds-xenial@5df1085a93 fix(ubuntu-backgrounds-xenial): moved 3 years ago
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.gitmodules fix: upgrade btrbk 2 months ago fix: README 2 years ago


This repository contains my private PKGBUILDs. Some PKGBUILDs are also available in the AUR Repository. The compiled binaries can be pulled from my repository.

If you want to clone this repository, don't forget to checkout the git submodules.

git submodule update --init --recursive

Import GPG Key

Import and trust my GPG-Key to verify the gpg signed packages.

pacman-key --recv-keys 9B146D11A9ED6CA7E279EB1A852BCC170D81A982
pacman-key --lsign 9B146D11A9ED6CA7E279EB1A852BCC170D81A982

For any architectures

Add the any repository to the pacman.conf. Any implies all system architectures.

cat >> /etc/pacman.conf << 'EOF'

Server =$repo/

Specific architectures

Add a specific repository to the pacman.conf, which contains only specific system architecture packages.

cat >> /etc/pacman.conf << 'EOF'

Server =$repo/